NAS November: seven days down…

So it’s been seven days into my No-Added Sugar November. How is it going? Well it’s definitely been different (!), but I have already noticed some changes:

  • I don’t feel so exhausted. This doesn’t seem to be down to a lack of sugar slumps only, but more so that when I’m tired, I realise it and rest. Normally I would reach for my nearest chocolate muffin/ice-cream/sundae for a boost to keep going. Whilst this high-added-sugar-strategy was great for achieving deadlines, long term it reduces the immune system, wears you down and cortisol is released more regularly, causing more fat to be laid down around the tummy area.
  • my mood has mellowed – now I’m not saying this is a good thing, just an observation.
  • less enjoyment from food. I’m less enthusiastic about mealtimes now, but maybe this will change with the oncoming weeks.
  • naturally sugared foods taste more sugary than normal. For example, bananas taste incredibly sweet, even full fat milk tastes sweeter and strawberries are tasting great right now!

It’s not sensible to cut all sugar out. I prepared my kitchen ready with naturally occurring sugar sources for when I need it throughout the day. So far, the best naturally occurring sugar sources I’ve enjoyed are strawberries with yoghurt, honey on fresh bread and dried mango and apple.

Over the last week, whenever I wanted to stop, I challenged myself  with “Why am I doing this?”. But I’m supporting my personal training clients who are going through physical and nutritional changes right now, and so my determination is steadfast.

So, at times I am thinking about chocolate, bakery goods… (I could go on), but I’m not thinking of buying them. Watch this space to see if I stay as devout over the next three weeks…


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