NAS November: a fortnight without added sugar…

I’ve made it to two weeks. Two weeks. And the last seven days have not been fun. I’ve moaned daily to anyone who will listen about my hopeless dreams of eating yule-log for every meal and about those huge cookies you can buy from nearly every lunch-stop venue in London. However… I discovered new no added sugar treats yesterday that have made all the difference (code for: stopped me devouring the contents of the once familiar Nutella jar):

  • Primal Pantry bars: oh my goodness! These are NICE! The first flavour actually tasted like chocolate and the second type like marzipan. A HUGE HIT!
  • Nakd Posh Bits (Cocoa Mandarin): these are perfect when you want just a small volume of something sweet, OR you want a snack to last the duration of your latest assignment/revision session/Saturday night movie. Made of only dates, cashews, raisins, rice flour and mandarin – they are healthy and yummy!
  • Trek bars – the last time I tried a Trek bar I was doing Duke of Edinburgh award and I didn’t really take to them then, but right now, these hit the spot – especially as they come in easy-to-break-off thirds.

These can all be bought at your regular supermarkets (but the large stores and not necessarily the local ones). Give them a go – they might also help your staying power!



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