NAS November: third week complete!

My No-Added-Sugar November challenge is now much easier! Thank goodness!

My everyday eating has changed. The differences I’ve noticed are:

  • sugar (natural sources) are now TREATS, instead of a quick pick-me-up
  • natural sources of sugar are MUCH HEALTHIER FOR YOUR GUT. Less sugar = less bloating.
  • I’m still craving sugar but it’s EASIER TO RESIST. Especially with the natural sources of sugar treats I mentioned in the last post. Yoghurt and pineapple has also become my favourite replacement for my typically chocolate-dense pudding.

Important lessons I’ve learnt are:

  • your SIGNFICANT OTHER IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT in your chance of success, with any change you’ve chosen for your life. If you don’t have support from them, when you are really struggling and ready to give up – you will. My partner has brought home alternatives to chocolate bars, reminded me why I started and never rolled his eyes when I was moaning about the lack of sugar entering my bloodstream (this was most of the second week). So a huge thanks to him!
  • tell all or one of your friends; they will ALWAYS ENCOURAGE you to do things that are good for you when times get tough.
  • my clients are telling me IT’S INSPIRING them to stick to their healthier eating choices. So keep trying to be the best you can be, in whatever you do, you might not ever know how many others you inspire!
  • change is HARD, BUT if it’s something you’ve chosen to do, it’s almost certainly good for you. So keep going, it’s WORTH IT!

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