NAS November: Twenty-Eight days in.

Only two more days to go….

So, what has this challenge taught me?

  1. Nothing is great for your body in high doses, particularly sugar. Added sugar will be re-joining my diet come Friday 1st December in the form of baked goods, but added sugar will no longer be a daily occurrence for me but eaten as a TREAT.
  2. Natural sources of sugar do satisfy cravings – you just have to make sure you find natural sources you enjoy.
  3. Supporting your partner whilst they are changing a habit or adopting a challenge of any kind is paramount to a great relationship. Listen, suggest solutions, and remind them of the benefits of the challenge they set out to achieve.
  4. Fad diets are NO GOOD. It is much better to eat wholesome food whilst exercising regularly to achieve a healthy lifestyle!
  5. Change is definitely possible, no matter which aspect of your life you are making the change. It IS hard. It does NOT feel great at first. But soon it becomes habit and routine.  Remember: the start is always the hardest part.
  6. Only choose to adopt changes/tackle challenges that YOU want to. Either because of the process (learning something on the way) or achieving the end-goal brings you closer to your ideal life!

I hope you’ve challenged this month as well, whether it be your first No-Added-Sugar November, or something else, well done for trying to make you a better/healthier you! Most importantly, well done to my personal training clients who are all pushing themselves for the better! Keep up the good work! Now, I’m off to dream about mince pies…


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