January 2018 was the month when VEGAN diets were in the spotlight. Did you miss out? Are you unsure why Veganuary was so popular? You don’t have to vegan to be healthy, but take a moment to read a few of the amazing benefits of a vegan diet:

  • plenty more vitamins and minerals – simply eating more fruit and vegetables provides you with a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, and often increases your fibre and protein intake as well!
  • great for the planet – a vegan diet results in less greenhouse gases being produced, less water usage, reduce pollution in the air and waterways and more areas are left as nature intended; in turn helping to maintain/increase biodiversity levels and reduce carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. []
  • you cook more – with so few pre-prepared meals or restaurant chains providing vegan options, being vegan encourages you to cook more meals yourself. This in turn will reduce salt intake, reduce processed sugar intake and provide more nutrients into your everyday diet.
  • improves your health in a multitude of ways; benefiting your heart, eyes, bones, reducing your risk of developing heart disease & type II diabetes, reducing your cholesterol levels & blood pressure and reducing your risk of colon, breast & prostate cancer. []
  • great for the animals – whether you abide farming animals for meat or simply the conditions farmed animals are kept under/slaughtered, your conscious is clear with a vegan diet.

So, you could try to adopt a vegan diet completely – I recommend buying a few vegan recipe books to keep your meals tasty & nutritious! But even if you don’t, consider going vegan at least once or twice a week!


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