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Georgina ThreeArms and abs day for Georgina! Look at that technique! It’s only her third week and she already has a plethora of exercises she can take to the gym to build muscle bulk and power. This will also benefit her speed during running. [January 2018]

Jawaher SixWowwwwweeee! SO IMPRESSED by Jawaher! This is only her third running session outside and she smashed it! Last time we ran just under 5km. This time we ran over 6km and yet her average pace was quicker! [January 2018]

Kirsty TwoKirsty performing the gruelling gluteus medius exercises! If you’ve not felt your muscles burn when you exercise try these! A strong gluteus medius is vital to ensure that when you lift the opposite leg off the ground, your pelvis stays level and doesn’t sag towards the side with the leg off the ground. If it is weak, over time clients develop hip and lower back pain. Unfortunately, a sedentary lifestyle makes this muscle one of the weakest in our bodies. Combat that now and work gluteus medius exercises into your routine! Well done Kirsty! [January 2018]

Jawaher FiveHere’s Jawaher working hard even when the sun has set. Perfect form, always determined and WATCH OUT for her strong punches- she is on a mission! Never fails to give it her all. Keep up the good work Jawaher! [January 2018]

Kirsty OneOn a snow-day in London, Kirsty had her first Personal Training session. Familiar with my training from The Lodestar Clinic she was straight back to a great boxing technique and the tough core workouts. She didn’t even notice all the sleet falling around her! [January 2018]

Georgina TwoGeorgina working hard! She’s always ready to tackle anything new, so we’re strengthening her core in a variety of ways. When your core is strong, you put far less strain on your back, are more balanced, have a greatly improved posture and consequently have a much lower risk of injury. Great technique, great enthusiasm – her strong core will be here in no time! [January 2018]

Jawaher FourToday turned out to be beautiful, but first thing this morning it was grey, cold and raining! Despite this, Jawaher was up and out jogging for her first time ever in Battersea Park! Having only ever run sprints on a treadmill before, she kept going for 40 minutes – what a star! [January 2018]

Georgina OneHere’s Georgina smashing it on her very first session in 2018! She worked so hard and learnt so many new skills. Boxing, mat workouts, stretches – 2018 is her year! [January 2018]

Natalie OnebThis personal training session with Natalie was in the early hours in the December rain – but she nailed it! Together she’ll achieve a fitness level she’s never reached before! [December 2017]

Jawaher ThreeThreeJawaher working hard before the holidays begin! Well done! These crabwalks with the resistance band are tough when you’ve already done your aerobic, squats, upper-body and glutes workouts. [December 2017]

Syeda medalWooooooohoooooo!! Syeda completed her first ever 5km (at the Queen Elizabeth Park) in a snowstorm yesterday in 33 minutes!! So awesome! What a champion! A 10km next??? [December 2017]

Chantelle TwoChantelle worked hard throughout this gruelling ‘jelly-legs’ session. With kettlebell swings make sure you squeeze your glutes at the top, and let your arms ride as you straighten your legs and push your pelvis forward (don’t life the kettlebell with your arms). Well done Chantelle! [November 2017]

Cait FourWhilst the rest of London were pressing their snooze buttons or stuck in their commute, Cait was finishing her workout for the day! Gaining abs from her boxing and then building a strong core with leg extensions and “100s”, she had already achieved success before 07:30! [November 2017]

Running Coach Personal Trainer LondonOn a gloriously sunny autumnal day in London, Syeda completed a 8.56km run in 68 minutes burning 542 calories. Wowee! Fairly tired at the beginning, she realised she has far more stamina that she’d thought! Well done Syeda! [November 2017]

Personal Training London Lucy Slocum Five Jawaher’s showing great technique throughout all of her sessions. Today was legs and glutes day with some lactic-acid-inducing plyometric squats and ankle weight workouts! Impressively determined she’ll be ready for a Running Reps session tomorrow morning! [November 2017]

Cait ThreeCait’s first outside Personal Training session on Clapham Common flew by! She was up early, jabbing, crossing and throwing punches on the move! This is the second half of the session working on increasing muscle mass in the upper and lower body, and increasing bone density with resistance work. Loving the fresh air she was still smiling at the end! Well done Cait! [November 2017]

Jawaher Two.jpgJawaher rocked her first Personal Training session at her shared-residents’ studio/gym! With her great form and enthusiasm (despite Mountain Climbers to finish!) she’s going to quickly see results. Super session Jawaher! [November 2017] 

Syeda OneHaving done a few long runs together it was time for Syeda’s first ever Running-Reps session. What a star!! She did so well! Still smiling afterwards, she kept her times consistent across 6 x 300m sprints, AND worked really hard on the last one achieving her second fastest time of the day. Syeda is now a runner! [October 2017]

Chantelle OneOn a day when she’s not even feeling her best, my client powers through the boxing, arms and abs session! After just four personal training sessions her upper body strength is already stronger. Great work Chantelle! [October 2017]